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General Discussion

Outfit Tag

Pick an outfit tag
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General Discussion

The Funny thread

Jokes and general hilarity to be posted here.Such as this: this: this:
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General Discussion

im still here

Comp is shitting on me right now guys, first the power button was malfunctioning. now i cant start any game cause it freezes, prolly caught a lame virus cause my avast ran out while it was shitted on. and i work two jobs now guys but i'm getting t...
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Infantry Discussion

Infantry Ops and Layout

Infantry Ops Rules and Layout- First and foremost, the squad leader will make executive decisions. What base we go to, how we attack and the likes. Unless the squad lead asks for suggestions, where and how we go will not be up for discussion. This...
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General Discussion

When I'll be back and Infantry Plans

I've been busy the past few months with life stuff which should be over soon. I don't know when, but will let you guys know 3-5 days before i'm able to come back. Just so you know, I won't be playing as much on weekdays as usual (or hope to not ...
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ZAPS withdraws from community clash, do we wanna take their place???

ZAPS just withdrew from season 1 of community clash and they're looking for another outfit, I think we'd be 2nd in line (unless NUC or TIW wanted in). They're match is on the 19th and we'd need practice. Thought I'd bring this to your attention....
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My Dalton Montage it is, now finished if you haven't seen it yet. I am pretty proud of it :)
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A Day's Work - Lib Clips

Just a few lib clips I got on a particularly good day. :D
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General Discussion


Welcome to the forums!If you're new here, add a post introducing yourself to the community :)
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