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Infantry Ops Rules and Layout-

First and foremost, the squad leader will make executive decisions. What base we go to, how we attack and the likes. Unless the squad lead asks for suggestions, where and how we go will not be up for discussion. This allows for a clearer goal and better TeamSpeak discipline.

Loadouts and Squad Comp-

The squad will primarily consist of heavies, medics, and engineers. Other classes such as maxes and infils may be played if squad size permits. This is just due to a need for classes like medic.


Primary: Aggressive or attacking medics should play with either hard hitting or fast firing AR's depending on accuracy and preference (no CME). Passive medics (medics that stay further from doorways) may also play SMG's and possibly pump shotguns (so cheesy).

Secondary- Any pistol of choice. One medic in the squad should have a dark light, and another should have a crossbow with detect darts.

Suit, Utility, Grenade-

Initially, all medics should run Grenade Bandolier with Rez grenades. Until we can learn more strategies for efficient revives this is a must. Also, all medics must run at least one C4, no kits.

Other- Triage cert is optional, but AOE heal should be certed well. Similarly, make sure med tool is max level.


Primary- As of right now, CQC LMG's should be used. Either SVA88 or Orion (once again preference). After a few ops we can extend to harder hitting weapons after seeing how it plays out. Attachments are preference, but a forward grip is recommended.

Secondary- Due to VS pistol's lacking an overall roll, it is recommended to run an Underboss or Commissioner. ALS or Darklight based on preference.

Rocket and Grenades- All Heavies should run a decimator if they have one, otherwise an S1 is fine (no lock-ons). This way, we can hold of MAX units without the need to use limited C4. Concussions grenades are preferred due to their disabling potential and how useful they are in pushing against a larger enemy group. If we have more than 2 heavies, one can run AV grenades as well.

Suit, Shield, and Utility- All heavies just like medics should run Bandolier. There is no need for Nano as medics can heal you. Similarly, ACS is not needed as someone can cover your position as you regen shields. Bandolier allows us to defend for longer periods of time as well as attack without needing to resupply. In shield slots, it is all your choice but the shield you are using must match your primary and be maxed out. Lastly, all heavies should use C4, or med kits (when we need to use these the squad lead will say so).


Primary- This slot is very much based on preference. Note you will not be using your primary very often. A Solstice SF may be good to use in conjunction with smoke grenades but please warn the squad beforehand.

Secondary- Whatever you want!!!!

Turret- Anti-Personnel Turret. This turrets shield is very capable of blocking damage and is good cover for heavies, maxes, and others. It is also a good way to block off doorways and windows. Also, these thing are really good for racking up easy kills because if you play it smart, in a doorway you are almost invincible.

Repair Tool- Must be maxed out!!!

Utility, Suit, and Grenade-

All engineers must run C4 or AT/Proximity Mines with either flak or Utility pouch (better choice). Grenades are your own choice just make sure you call out when you use them.

*This will be updated as i write more.
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well thought out soldier! :P
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Hey Apollo maybe you should log on sometime...
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