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Outfit Weekly Update - 2/22/14

StrikeOfFire / Feb 22, 2014
Hey Everybody,
As you all know, we switched to Teamspeak last week, and it is working out pretty well, despite a few hiccups in administration (lol) - the address is still Here are some updates:

Membership -
Unfortunately, you'll notice that BidenTronFiveThousand has left the outfit. I spoke to him, and he said that he hardly ever played anymore, so he wanted to try lone-wolfing for a bit and then join a new outfit. He may come back to us in the future. He wanted to let you all know that he had a lot of fun running with us.

We have a new member also! His name is CavaleroDelgado, and he plays mostly in the air. I haven't seen him in a scythe yet, but as of right now, he may be my new Lib pilot (Hurray! ;) ). He is Portugese, and his accent is just slightly less sexy than z7yle's. He is nervous about running with an outfit, as he has never really been in outfit (other than ZAPS for two weeks), so I expect you all to give him a warm welcome and treat him well.

ApolloMCProductions said that he would be returning to the game at some point this week, so get HYPE for that shit!

SgtYork has returned to the outfit after a long break from the game. I don't know if he still drinks as much as he used to :).

OPs -
Now that TJ is gone, I would like to retry doing OPs at some point during the week. I would like to do a mix of infantry and vehicles, but I haven't really thought much about it. Please post in the comments any ideas or suggestions you have regarding OPs, and zelp, tig and I will think about the best course of action. Also post what times you are available, so that we have a clearer idea of potential attendance.

Thanks for your attention everyone!

Keep Delivering Sunshine,


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